Партнеры BBG

Boston Brokerage Group Monetary Fund

Boston Brokerage Group fund Company was founded in 2002 by an American financier group with the purpose of providing a proper service in the brokerage market.

By that time each member of the Boston Brokerage Group board of directors had already had their own base of investors, whose venture capital was combined into an identified «Private investments» portfolio.

The time period from August 2008 to December 2009 was a genuine high proficiency test for the Boston Brokerage Group’s members. Despite the harsh consequences of the global financial and economic crisis the Boston Brokerage Group made effective capital distribution investments and managed not only to save the client’s funds but also to get the net discounted income from the absolute majority of the projects.

Until 2013, Boston Brokerage Group was functioning as a company that managed private equity funds and did not make an open offer in the market. This type of operation allowed Boston Brokerage Group to create new conceptual ways of managing the investment capital and to keep developing in the new directions.

The Boston Brokerage Group’s unique patented trading strategies along with the safe trading platform secured the capital from trade risks and guaranteed stable high monthly returns.

Boston Brokerage Group’s multiple goals in Europe include the following aspects:

To bring into society the financial culture based on an international experience, as well as trading on the Forex market. Even though this is a slow and complicated process, the results are beyond any expectations;

To provide the opportunity to the novice and professional traders to earn on the Forex market and get full satisfaction from the process and the result of trade;

To serve as an example of an efficient broker who does not make contrived demands to the funds withdrawal and does not set inappropriate trade conditions and limitations;

To preserve and multiply the funds of the investors, who chose one of the options in the «Private investments» portfolio.

Boston Brokerage Group is a multinational united company of professional traders, financiers, programmers and international lawyers, who are always ready to help you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.